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“My medicine costs $290 now that I lost my insurance.”

Prescription Bottle - blank labelStories like this are sounding all too familiar here at 2-1-1. When work hours are cut by an employer to the point that an employee loses their health insurance, they can be left with very high medical expenses and not enough income to pay the costs. Until you are able to get insurance again, here are 5 ways to try to get those prescription costs down.

  1. Some manufacturers have their own Patient Assistance Program which will provide the medication for low cost or sometimes even for free. Look up your medications online and see if the manufacturers have a program and if you qualify. Here’s an example of a diabetes medicine manufacturer discount program.
  2. 2-1-1 or the United Way can mail you a Discount prescription card like Familywize which has NO QUALIFICATIONS or requirements. Anyone  can use them. The level of discount varies depending on the medication.
  3. Call 2-1-1 for a list of local and national  prescription expense assistance programs where they can help you pay the cost. You will have to see if you qualify.
  4. 2-1-1 has a listing of national programs that have prescription drug patient assistance programs (this is separate from the programs the manufacturers themselves have). Some of these programs have fairly high income requirements, such as Rx Outreach where you have to make under $34, 470 in order to qualify as a single person.
  5. Publix offers certain antibiotics and diabetes medications free. Walmart, Sams Club and Target have a $4 prescription discount program on hundreds of generic medicines as well.
  6. Grandma’s Country Pharmacy, in Fort McCoy, offers a 30 day supply of Plavix generic, a heart medicine, for $15 as well as offering a 30 day supply FREE of children’s vitamins for each child.

2-1-1 can also get you connected with a local health clinics who serve people who are uninsured by using a sliding scale based on income. If you want to stay on top of your health by getting screenings regularly, Marion county has health fairs throughout the year with free health screenings for things like blood pressure, diabetes, vision, hearing and more.  One of the great things about reaching out to 2-1-1 when you are facing this situation, is our innovation. Our staff have smart ideas and creative thinking that can support you in finding solutions. We can help you see if there are other ways you can get help to balance your budget or access resources so that you can afford your medicine and a trip to the doctor.

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