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Before You Reuse That Diaper…

diaperneed2Did you know that 1 out of 3 families struggle to afford diapers for their children in the United States? Some families have had to resort to scraping out and reusing wet or soiled disposable diapers.

Community agencies have pulled together on both sides of the cloth/disposable fence of diapering to help meet the need and ensure that children are able to use clean diapers. Marion County agencies have stepped up, offering disposable diapers in addition to other baby needs such as food, clothing and furniture. Nationwide, there is another network of agencies responding with a lending library: of cloth diapers.

The cloth diaper programs lend qualifying families a full set of cloth diapers for your little ones with the agreement that you will return them clean when you don’t need them anymore. Eligibility requirements and program requirements vary from agency to agency, but all of them are FREE. (more…)


Q&A: How Do I Look Up Resources Using 2-1-1’s Database?

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series, where you will learn how to use the United Way and 2-1-1’s online resources.

2-1-1 has a few ways you can get information and referrals from us conveniently online while you are checking your email, writing a report, researching information or using social media. Take a look at our short video below on YouTube to see how it all works!

Do you have a disaster plan?

hurricaneJune 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season. If you don’t have a plan yet, now is a good time to make one. Don’t know where to start? Florida Disaster can help you create a plan to keep your family, including your pets, safe during a disaster. FLASH.org also has videos and step by step guides to make your home safer during a hurricane. Do you have a supply kit for your family?

Do you have a disability or know someone who does? Registering with the Department of Emergency Management before a disaster lets them know if they have sufficient equipment and shelters. It also benefits you with the services they provide during a disaster! For Marion County residents, visit the Department of Emergency Services Special Needs Program to register. For people outside of Marion County, you can visit this website to get information on your county and how to register for the special needs registry.

Any time there is a natural disaster, there is a powerful community response of people wanting to help. Volunteers are needed before, during and after an event to help in times of disaster. Agencies such as Marion County Medical Reserve Corps and American Red Cross are always in need of volunteers. Post disaster, contact the local United Way to inquire about giving financial contributions to assist in community recovery.

Remember, 2-1-1 is available before, during and after a disaster to help 24 hours a day.

Life in the Fast Lane… Uses More Gas!

gasIn the spirit of our previous posts sharing tips on saving money on your utilities, here are some tips we rounded up to save money on gas for your car. Thanks to Ocala’s publication, UNITE, for inspiring this post with your May 2013 issue.

10 Tips to Save on Gas (plus a bonus tip)

  1. Once a month, check your tire pressure and make sure they are inflated correctly.
  2. Change your air filter and change your oil regularly
  3. Align your tires as needed
  4. Roll your windows up on the highway
  5. Go 55 on the highway instead of 75mph…or 85…  (and save big on those speeding tickets) (more…)

Fostering to fulfill your dreams

Photo from Camelot Community CareMay is National Foster Care Month. Marion County is graced with local agencies who provide services to foster parents and children. Whether you are considering fostering or adopting, 2-1-1 can connect you to resources to help you on your way. The reasons for fostering or adopting are numerous. Often fostering and adopting are thought of as an act of generosity and giving. Many foster and adoptive parents understand however, that the gift is from the children. A gift of love, of mutual growth and development, generosity, connections, wisdom and light that the children offer.


A Little Bird Told Me…

… A Collection of Tweets from Marion County Non-Profits & Beyond:

Do you pay a lot for gas? Stay tuned to the 2-1-1 Marion County Blog on 5/17 we will share tips on reducing your gas costs! (more…)

What’s new at 2-1-1?

WhatsNewIn April at 2-1-1 we added the following programs and agencies to our database for agencies which serve Marion County. Below each agency/program you’ll see “Ask 2-1-1”, these are the key terms you can use to look up the resources on your own via our online database, or when you call 2-1-1 you can mention those terms to the Information and Referral Specialist to get a list of resources for that service in your area.


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