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Fostering to fulfill your dreams

Photo from Camelot Community CareMay is National Foster Care Month. Marion County is graced with local agencies who provide services to foster parents and children. Whether you are considering fostering or adopting, 2-1-1 can connect you to resources to help you on your way. The reasons for fostering or adopting are numerous. Often fostering and adopting are thought of as an act of generosity and giving. Many foster and adoptive parents understand however, that the gift is from the children. A gift of love, of mutual growth and development, generosity, connections, wisdom and light that the children offer.

Roger Gilmore from Covenant Children’s Home stated,

“Having the opportunity to foster a child has been nothing short of life changing for me and my family.  Being a foster parent has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of our lives. My family has been given the opportunity to care for a child, loving them as our own, giving them the best childhood possible and showing him that there is hope outside the hurt. We know that every parent loves their child and every child loves their parent – no matter what. We have also come to understand that it can be difficult for our family to see a child who has come into our lives eventually go back to their home again. But we know in our heart that foster-care and fostering-to-adopt is needed in our community.  We are so thankful for the foster program and to all the children who have given us joy and love in our home. Although the system may seem flawed at times, the truth is that it has opened my eyes to how big God’s love is. The opportunity to provide stability for a child and to serve as an advocate for all abused, neglected and abandoned children is an honorable challenge, but at the same time, the growth and development can be challenging for the children and the parents. So it’s important for everyone in the family to receive the support that is available.”

2-1-1 is here for you 24 hours a day to let you know about the resources that are there for you whether that’s therapy for the child or parent, a parenting support line or a local support group.

For an extensive list of resources, contact 2-1-1.

Statistics from Covenant Children’s Home:

Children remaining in their own home w/ “In Home Services” being provide to the family in an attempt to address the nature of the initial report: 571

Children removed from parents but placed with a relative: 607

Children in a regular foster care home: 239

Children in a residential home (like ours): 84

Children aged out but receiving independent living services: 53


Thank you Kids Central and Covenant Children’s Home for contributing your insight to this post!

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