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Life in the Fast Lane… Uses More Gas!

gasIn the spirit of our previous posts sharing tips on saving money on your utilities, here are some tips we rounded up to save money on gas for your car. Thanks to Ocala’s publication, UNITE, for inspiring this post with your May 2013 issue.

10 Tips to Save on Gas (plus a bonus tip)

  1. Once a month, check your tire pressure and make sure they are inflated correctly.
  2. Change your air filter and change your oil regularly
  3. Align your tires as needed
  4. Roll your windows up on the highway
  5. Go 55 on the highway instead of 75mph…or 85…  (and save big on those speeding tickets)
  6. Use cruise control, or drive smoothly
  7. Use a gas cap(that’s not broken) -keep those gas fumes in the tank.
  8. Don’t ride the break (spares your brake pads while you are at it)
  9. Get the junk out of your trunk- you’re paying $ to lug all that stuff around.
  10. Try to reduce left hand turns across traffic. You’ll reduce idling time.
  11. BONUS: Check out sites like gasbuddy.com to find the cheapest gas station close to you.


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