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What’s new at 2-1-1?

WhatsNewIn May at 2-1-1 we added the following programs and agencies to our database for Marion County. Below each agency/program you’ll see “Ask 2-1-1”, these are the key terms you can use to look up the resources on your own via our online database, or when you call 2-1-1 you can mention those terms to the Information and Referral Specialist to get a list of resources for that service in your area.

1. REMOVED SERVICE: Interfaith in Ocala does NOT provide rent or mortgage assistance.

2. Added service for Interfaith
Ask 2-1-1: Work Clothing (they have work boots)

3. Added Agency: National Response Center
Area Served: Nationwide
Ask 2-1-1: Environmental Hazards Reporting

4. ELC of Marion: added new service
Area Served: Marion
Ask 2-1-1: Baby furniture (free pack n play only as part of a safety initiative)

5. CATS Ocala: Added new service
Area Served: Marion, Alachua, Citrus, Levy
Ask 2-1-1: Ex-Offender Counseling

6. Added Agency: Florida Department of Corrections
Area Served: All 15 counties
Ask 2-1-1: Adult Probation, Specialized Information and Referral * Ex-Offenders

7. Added Service to a Ocala Recreation and Parks location
Ask 2-1-1: Day Camps @ Lillian Bryant Community Center

8. Florida Institutional Legal Services
Service: Re-entry support and legal advocacy during and after incarceration.
Area Served: FL
Ask 2-1-1: Advocacy * Offender/Ex-Offender Issues
Ex-Offender Reentry Programs
General Legal Aid * Ex-Offenders
General Legal Aid * Inmates

9. Added service to Salvation Army Marion for 6/1-6/2 FREE
Ask 2-1-1: Dental Care

10. New Agency: The Rebecca Foundation Cloth Diaper Closet
Area Served: Central FL and Nationwide
Cloth diaper loan program, FREE program, free shipping.
Program: Cloth Diaper Closet
Ask 2-1-1: Diapers
11. Added service to following agencies: Interfaith, Alpha Center for Women, Love INC
Ask 2-1-1: Diapers (disposable)

12. Added agency: House of Freedom
Serves: Florida
Ask 2-1-1: Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

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