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What’s new at 2-1-1? Beep Beep!

HOUSEcallsLogoWhen we think of services coming to us, we think of pizza, mail, flowers…. but did you know that in Marion County you can also have medical services come to you?

For community members living up in North Marion, Grandma’s Country Pharmacy provides FREE delivery for your prescriptions if you live in Salt Springs, Citra, Orange Springs, Anthony, Fort Mc Coy or Reddick. (Bonus tip: They also provide a free bottle of chewable vitamins every 30 days for each of your children.)

Serving Lake, Marion and Sumter, Wellness on Wheels provides in home health care. If you’re wondering if you can afford the luxury of in home doctor visits, they offer a sliding scale for those who are eligible and they accept most insurances including Medicare.

If someone you know is having a psychiatric crisis, the Sheriff’s Department has a mobile response team who can come to assist you whether you’re at home or anywhere else in Marion County.

If you are able to travel and are just in need of transportation to get to the doctors appointment, there are additional options. Numerous agencies provide transportation for Marion residents who qualify for a fee, and many of them accept health insurance to help pay for the transportation.

These services fill an important gap in services for our community members who are in crisis, don’t have transportation, are elders or are disabled and struggle with the obstacle of getting to their appointments.

For more information about these services, simply dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to TXT-211 (that’s 898-211)

Photo Credit: http://www.northcarolinahealthnews.org/

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