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LIVE UNITED: Marion Senior Services Volunteer Spotlight

HelenThis week we are joined by Marion Senior Services as they spotlight one of their phenomenal volunteers, a Meals on Wheels driver, Helen Helvenston.  She shares in her own words below why she loves to LIVE UNITED.

It was many years ago when a friend suggested that I ride along with her on her Meals on Wheels delivery route. I had just retired and was bored. It seemed like a different way to kill time. Little did I know that that invitation would open a new door in my world. It was fun to move about the area, see places I wasn’t familiar with and meet people who genuinely needed the help we were offering. We kept doing the route together until her health issues dictated that she quit and Marion County Senior Services (as it was know then) accepted my request to take over the job on my own.

Fast forward 20 years and you will still find me behind the wheel every Friday in the northeast section of Ocala. I’m still finding new places and new people. Many times I have been asked why? Why take the time and use my own car to do this work? That’s easy to answer. It is rewarding in many ways. The Staff at Marion Senior Services is easy to work with, the other drivers obviously enjoy the effort as much as I do but most of all it is the contact with the Clients that makes it all worth while. I always feel I meet a new friend when a door opens on a new face. My goal is much more than supplying the meal. It is spending just a moment of my time making the day brighter for that person. It is getting a smile of recognition even from the most difficult recipient. It is knowing that that person is up and doing well that day. Join me in the Meals on Wheels program. You will feel you are doing something for those we serve and for yourself as well.

Please learn about this volunteer opportunity and more at the United Way Volunteer Resource Center!

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