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Oh Rats!

moldIs your building or your neighbor’s home starting to remind you of the movie Ratatouille, minus the five star cooking? Is mold or mildew taking over your walls? Rats can carry diseases like rabies and mold can lead to health problems such as asthma or in severe cases of exposure can cause fungal infections in your lungs.

Janet* recently called 2-1-1 with a serious problem. The mold in her home was so severe that her whole family was getting sick.  2-1-1 was able to connect Janet with Code Enforcement to address her need, but we didn’t stop there. Through talking to Janet it appeared that the mold was due to repairs that needed to be made the exterior of her home, so we were able to connect her with a program with Central Florida Community Action Agency to help prevent further moisture from seeping in and creating more mold. Through further conversation we learned that her husband was a Veteran with the Navy, this opened her up to two additional home repair programs with Vets Helping Vets and the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Janet wanted to do some additional research herself, so we helped her jump start the process by sharing information for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida so she could learn more about her family’s rights.

Here at 2-1-1, we don’t just give out a number, we take time to listen to the your needs and help you explore all your options. So if you know someone who is struggling with an infestation in their home, give 2-1-1 a call to help you Get Connected.

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