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National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

imageSaturday is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. Marion County Solid Waste is the central disposal location for medications at 5601 S.E. 66th Street. While they aren’t participating in the national event per se… they’ll do you one better! They will be open during their normal business hours this Saturday: 7a-5p (you can call 2-1-1 24/7 to get information about their other days of operation and their additional services year round).

“I Just Can’t Make it Out There”

While it’s ideal to dispose of medications with the County disposal program, If you can’t make it out there, we have a list of tips from the FDA to guide you through proper disposal at home.


Welcome Back to School Soldier

veterancollegeGrowing up in the military there was a sign hanging on my kitchen wall. It said “Home is Where the Navy Sends Us”. Well, when it comes to applying for in-state tuition in Florida, now veterans (who were honorably discharged) will qualify for in-state tuition as long as they live in Florida while in school.

Even with in-state tuition, going to school can be costly and we can help you with the next steps to affording your education. The United Way has launched a “Going to College” texting project. Simply visit the website to find the code of the Florida school you want to attend, then text that code to 898-211. You will automatically begin receiving updates reminding you about registration deadlines, options for financial aid and other resources. While it won’t tell you when your class papers are due, it will help you get started on the right foot. You can opt out at any time.

Sometimes vicarious trauma and PTSD can make it hard to take the steps to apply and then to succeed in school. When you begin the process of applying, 2-1-1 can guide you to agencies who understand what you’re going through and provide that extra layer of support. We want you to thrive and succeed, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

2-1-1 can also let you know who to contact for scholarships, VA education benefits, child care subsidies, moving expense assistance for veterans and more.

Where Do I Go To Find….

mapHave you ever wanted to see all the food pantries or public libraries in Marion County laid out on a map? Well 2-1-1’s database can do just that. When you search for a service in our online database, once you select the service you are looking for, simply click on “Map All” at the top of the page and all of the agencies in the results will pop up on a labeled map. You can click on the icon for the agency closest to you and it even gives you the option to “Get Directions to Here”.

We hope you will like this feature as much as we do.

Hablamos Español and more!

multilingualDid you know that 2-1-1 can provide services in over 200 languages including Spanish, Gujarathi, Vietnamese and Hatian Creole? Some of our Information and Referral Specialists are multi-lingual and we also use a certified translation service with translators who specialize in translation specific to healthcare, law enforcement, finance and government matters. This service allows 2-1-1 to eliminate any language barriers and provide excellent service to all residents of Marion County. We also are able to tell you the language capacity of agencies in Marion County so you can go to your appointment prepared. So if you know someone who needs help and they are hesitant due to a language barrier, encourage them to simply dial 2-1-1 and we can help get them going in the right direction.

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