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Looking for a BreakSpot?

childhungerWith school letting out next week, summertime BreakSpot’s are getting ready to kick in to gear; providing breakfast, lunch and snacks for FREE to children 18 and under. Florida alone in 2012 served 10,092,594 meals at over 3,000 sites. According to Feeding America:

“Good nutrition, particularly in the first three years of life, is important in establishing and maintaining a good foundation that has implications on a child’s future physical and mental health, academic achievement, and economic productivity. Unfortunately, food insecurity is an obstacle that threatens that critical foundation.”

Please help us spread the word about this program. If you need to find a BreakSpot nearby, simply dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to 898-211 and we will get you connected. Visiting another part of the state over the summer? No sweat, 2-1-1 and Summer BreakSpot’s are both available statewide.



Want to make a difference to end hunger? Volunteer with an agency working to alleviate hunger and homelessness in Marion County.






Fight Summer Brain Drain!

books“… the best predictor of summer loss or summer gain is whether or not a child reads during the summer. And the best predictor of whether a child reads is whether or not he or she has access to books.” – Allington, Richard L. and McGill-Franzen, Anne. “Bridging the Summer Reading Gap,” Scholastic Instructor (2003, May/June).

This summer Marion County is arming our children with books to battle Summer Brain Drain! Did you know  (more…)

Are you ready for 200mph winds?

hurricaneseasonJune 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season, but Florida has already had a FEMA disaster declaration just a few weeks ago due to severe storms and tornadoes, causing flooding and a gas explosion. At least 3 people died in Florida, hundreds were injured, and over 300 calls came in to officials from people who were stranded.

So if you don’t have a plan yet, now is a great time to make one. Don’t know where to start? Florida Disaster can help you create a plan to keep your family, including your pets, safe during a disaster. FLASH.org also has videos and step by step guides to make your home safer during a hurricane. Do you have a supply kit for your family? If you’ll be re-stocking your kit, Gov. Scott approved tax free hurricane supplies from (more…)

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…

watersafetyAccording to the Ocala Star Banner, “In recent years, the average number of accidental drownings of people of all ages in Marion County has doubled… most accidental drownings occur in the family pool due to easy access during an unsupervised moment.”

The YMCA, Ocala Parks and Rec and Fire Rescue are the go to resources for water safety and education for Marion County. Tomorrow from 10a-1p, the Y and Ocala Parks and Rec will be teaming up for a morning of open swim and exciting demonstrations at the Hampton Aquatic Center. After you get inspired by the demonstrations, come on down to Paddock Mall, May 17th 10a-3p, for a chance to win FREE swim lessons! The dynamic duo Ocala Fire and Rescue and Marion County Fire and Rescue will show us the ropes, matching people up with mannequins to learn hands-only CPR for FREE.

Marion County Fire Rescue wrote a great article in the County Connection this month that you don’t want to miss. Learn about the 3 P’s of water safety: Prepare, Protect, and Prevent so you can reduce this staggering statistic: “in Florida alone enough children under the age of 5 drown each year to fill three to four pre-school classrooms”.

If you can’t attend the events this month, just give 2-1-1 a call. We can help you find CPR classes, swimming lessons, swimming safety education, lifeguard training and more!

This Award is for You!

awardWe wanted to say a big THANK YOU! We are so grateful for our followers, the agencies who provide the services the 2-1-1 blog writes about, and all those who have contributed content to our blog over the past year. The Florida Public Relations Association gave us an Award of Distinction for the Category of Audio/Visual/Online Tools of Public Relations and Online Audience Engagement!

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