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What is 2-1-1?


Highly trained professionals, receiving over 80 hours of training, answer the phones to give clients quick and reliable information about community resources to help with resources such as:

  • Food, Housing and Clothing
  • Youth and Child Care Issues
  • Physical and Mental Health Services
  • Elder Services
  • Financial Assistance
  • Service for People with Disabilities
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Job Training
  • Where to Donate Clothes
  • Support groups
  • And hundreds of other resources… Hours of operation are 24 hrs a day seven days a week.

How Can I Reach 2-1-1?

  • Dial 2-1-1 from any phone
  • Text your zip code to TXT-211(898-211) using a cell phone
  • Chat with a 2-1-1 Specialist.
  • Search the 2-1-1 online database, to find the resources you need.

Did You Know?

Every county in FL has 2-1-1, so if you are traveling or working in another county, you can still get support from 2-1-1!


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