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The First Duty of Society is Justice.

buzzfeed.com“The first duty of society is justice.” – Alexander Hamilton

2-1-1 has many listings for local, state and national legal counseling services covering issues such as immigrationelder lawliving willstrust preparationadult guardianship and more.

These agencies in Marion County take the commitment to justice to heart and provide free or sliding scale legal services to families with low incomes. A post about legal services wouldn’t be complete without a disclaimer. Always clarify with the agencies as services and fees may change over time.



National Victim Rights Week

mystrengthpc1This week is National Victim Rights week! Check out the events below:

Mon 4/22 11a-12p Opening Ceremony, downtown Ocala

Tues 4/23 5:30-8:30p Safety Workshop @ Marion County Sheriff’s Dept (692 NW 30th Ave Ocala, FL 34475)

Wed 4/24 3-5p Domestic/Dating Violence Workshop @ Ocala Police Department (402 South Pine Avenue Ocala, Florida 34471)

Thurs 4/25 12p Victims Remembrance Ceremony @ the Courthouse (110 NW 1st Ave  Ocala, FL 34475)

Call 352-369-7139 to RSVP or for more info.

What Can I Do?

  1. Volunteer with an agency that works to Build Safe Communities. Contact 2-1-1 for volunteer opportunities near you.
  2. Shift from being a bystander to becoming an ally (this linked article refers to children, but it applies to adults as well). All community members play an important role in preventing and ending violence in our communities, through compassion, understanding and mentorship. Call 2-1-1 to get connected with local agencies who can teach you how.
  3. Begin within. Ask yourself these questions and if answering them leads to a self-awareness that you need support and want to change, give 2-1-1 a call. We want to support you and can connect you to resources who can support you through that change. Another good question to ask is, “Would someone else answer yes to these questions if they answered them about me?” Marion County has 4 agencies who support those who struggle with anger management and controlling behavior. Give 2-1-1 a call and we can share their information with you to get you started.

What’s new at 2-1-1?

WhatsNewIn March at 2-1-1 we added the following programs and agencies to our database for Marion County. Below each agency/program you’ll see “Ask 2-1-1”, these are the key terms you can use to look up the resources on your own via our online database, or when you call 2-1-1 you can mention those terms to the Information and Referral Specialist to get a list of resources for that service in your area. (more…)

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