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Be Possible


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” ― Audrey Hepburn

When the time rolls around to take that brave step on your own to be more independent in life, agencies like EPIC and ARC are there to share life skills with you to help you stay steady and grounded on the path to achieve your vision.

Some life skills programs focus on daily living functionality or learning job skills, other programs focus on building self-esteem, transitioning to adulthood, or stabilizing your family during life’s transitions. This week we are going to spotlight the two programs mentioned above. Check out 2-1-1 to learn about additional programs throughout (and nearby) Marion County! (more…)


What’s new at 2-1-1? Planning Ahead

WhatsNewBacktoSchoolParents, do you remember last summer… school year rapidly approaching, long lines to get school supplies, last minute appointments for immunizations? We wanted to help smooth out the process by letting you know when back to school programs will be happening so you can space things out this summer to help reduce Back to School stress!


Fostering to fulfill your dreams

Photo from Camelot Community CareMay is National Foster Care Month. Marion County is graced with local agencies who provide services to foster parents and children. Whether you are considering fostering or adopting, 2-1-1 can connect you to resources to help you on your way. The reasons for fostering or adopting are numerous. Often fostering and adopting are thought of as an act of generosity and giving. Many foster and adoptive parents understand however, that the gift is from the children. A gift of love, of mutual growth and development, generosity, connections, wisdom and light that the children offer.


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