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Where Do I Go To Find….

mapHave you ever wanted to see all the food pantries or public libraries in Marion County laid out on a map? Well 2-1-1’s database can do just that. When you search for a service in our online database, once you select the service you are looking for, simply click on “Map All” at the top of the page and all of the agencies in the results will pop up on a labeled map. You can click on the icon for the agency closest to you and it even gives you the option to “Get Directions to Here”.

We hope you will like this feature as much as we do.


Q & A: Help With Funeral Expenses

From http://www.marysrosaries.com/

“Let life be like music. And death a note unsaid.” -Langston Hughes

The loss of a loved one can be devastating… and can be devastating financially if you are bearing the burden of the cost on your own. We wanted to share some options for Marion County residents who are financially in need, to help ease the expense. We’re breaking the options down into: Lower Cost, Benefits, and Can’t Pay. (more…)

Q & A: Getting Identifying Documents

IDIf you’ve accessed services in Marion County chances are you have needed a form of ID to receive the services. What if you’ve lost your ID or have never had one? It’s a significant hurdle that many have faced. We wanted to share some tips and information to get you going in the right direction, including agencies who may help with the fees. As requirements and laws around identification are always changing, always visit the links at the bottom of this post to verify current information.

We will focus on: Birth Certificates, State IDs and Social Security Cards. (more…)

Q&A: How Do I Look Up Resources Using 2-1-1’s Database?

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series, where you will learn how to use the United Way and 2-1-1’s online resources.

2-1-1 has a few ways you can get information and referrals from us conveniently online while you are checking your email, writing a report, researching information or using social media. Take a look at our short video below on YouTube to see how it all works!

Q & A: How Can I Get an Updated Copy of the Quick Guide?

operator2Have you been wondering when the next version of the Quick Guide is going to come out for Marion County? Well we have some great news. We have something that’s even better.

2-1-1’s database has over 220 agencies just in Marion County alone. Our database also has resources that Marion residents qualify for, but may be regional, state or national resources. Information and Referral Specialists, who support 2-1-1 clients, receive more than 80 hours of training, can serve clients who speak any language, and are available 24 hours a day with a Senior Crisis Specialist always available to support the staff. At 2-1-1, responsiveness is just as important as the help itself. The average wait time for someone to speak with someone when you call 2-1-1 is less than one minute.

Do you work for an agency and you want to be able to give clients information on paper? We would be happy to provide you with as many 2-1-1 information cards as you need. Simply contact 2-1-1 and we will get them to you promptly.


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